Saturday, June 17, 2006

Floyd off The Wall..

Saturday morning, 9,00 a.m., the alarm! Hurry hurry hurry!
Marloes and I had agreed to be at her mother´s at 10, so I had to hurry. Packed everything Friday evening, so I only had to take a shower , get my keys and get the hell out of here!
And so I did. It was a lovely day, even a little bit too hot I thought but hey, finally there was sun.
I walked to Jose´s and Marloes was already there. We had a drink, shared a laugh and smoked a cigarette (naughty me!!). My mom called to ask if everything was alright and gave me some pointers how to drive to Lichtenvoorde, since my parents were already there for their vacation. When mom told me how much she was looking forward to seeing all the bands at Arrow I suddenly realized I forgot my ticket! Bloody hell!
Oh well, I was the one driving and we had enough time to get to my house afore going to the highway anyway, but at least I knew now instead of realizing you forgot your ticket when you’re already there!

We got in the car, we opened the windows, got my ticket and got on our way to Arrow Classic Rock! There were almost no traffic jams so we got there in nearly two hours. That was when we saw the accident (see previous post Life is too short..). A little bit uneasy, I went on to the parking and we got the necessary stuff out (shirt, money and so on..) and we began our walk to the festival area.

It wasn’t too far, but I guess that’s because they expect mainly old people here, so they can’t ask them to walk a great distance, they’d be exhausted ;)

I had no problems at all not being able to drink any alcohol because it was too damn hot to drink anyway. 30 degrees Celcius, not quite a tanned skin, blond hair and a hot head (or a hothead, depends on how .. oh well, let’s not mention this ;)), so I thought it would be wise to buy a hat, you know, to prevent myself from receiving a touch of the sun.

After getting us something to drink, buying a t-shirt with a print of Roger Waters, scanning the tiny market and getting familiar with the area, we settle down and enjoyed the good weather. There were two stages, the so-called Rock Garden and the Rock Palace. About 3.00 p.m. a band started playing and i thought they lacked originality, they sounded very much like Porcupine Tree or Tool.
Suddenly I realized this IS Porcupine Tree, so they’ve changed the programme without notifying the audience! Their performance was GREAT! They announced that they’ll be back in the Netherlands – probably - in Septembre to perform once again!
I haven’t got one single CD, but it’s about time I bought one (my parents’ got one)! Good music, great performance and it’s a shame they could only play for one hour.
A lot of material of the In absentia album, the Deadwing tour and of course some albums I don’t know.

Well, we saw Dio and Def Leppard as well, but I really can't write a report on this for I don't know their music at all. So I’ll just skip to Roger Waters’ performance.

We decided to go to the Rock Garden at 8.30 p.m. so we would be assured of a good spot, but apparantly everybody thought the same. The place was crowded! Too many people, less space.
Instead of beginning at 9.15, he started at 9.30..

He began his spectacular and fantastic show and it was three hours intense musical pleasure.
I’m shamed to say that I forgot to write down the songs he played, so I can’t tell all the songs they did, but it was fantastic!
The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Atom Heart Mother, Wish you were here, Animals.. God he played about everything. You should’ve heard the crowd cheering and singing along with another “Brick in the Wall” (“HEY TEACHER! LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!!!”), crying along with “Money” and relishing the beautifull voices of the female singers (3) he brought with him.
I was absolutely stunned by the saxophonist, he was great too!

A few pictures:

I deleted the pictures for now, because they screwed up the lay-out badly! I'm trying to find another way to post them on this blog (probably by re-sizing them).. Sorry!

After three hours of musical pleasure we went back to the car and discovered the battery to be completely empty!!!!
We had jump leads, but that didn't work, we tried pushing the car and hoped that the engine would start, but that didn't help either.
So we had to call the ANWB (thank god I subscribed to the ANWB a week earlier). It took the man THREE bloody hours to get to us! We were really desperate by then and for the first time ever I was REALLY in need of a cigarette and of course, we had none.
But he fixed our problem and we got on our way again (it was 4.00 a.m.). I almost fell asleep driving so we had to make a short break, after that I drove us home..

We were home at 6.30 a.m. and completely exhausted. We went to sleep and got up at 12.30 p.m., so we wouldn't have problems falling asleep in the evening.

Eventhough the ending wasn't the best, I had a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Hans for letting me use the fabulous pictures he took! *cheers!*
For more pictures:


Blogger VallyP said...

Hi Renate
Wow, it looked fantastic, hey? You don't know how lucky you are! Koos went too, and was amazed and stunned too. The only thing he complained about was all the people talking and not LISTENING! Still, he really loved it and also only got home around 6 a.m.

Thanks so much for the the way, what kind of music do these porcupines play? :-) I'm interested!

Oh yes, and there's another part of a chapter on my African blog for you to read too. More funnies about Jojo!

12:25 pm

Blogger VallyP said...

Great minds think alike! I was commenting on this post while you were leaving your message on mine...once again, a great account, Renate...thanks kid.

1:39 pm

Blogger Renate said...

Hi Val,

You rule, jodiesmumval ;-)

I'm going to read your new post on African Ways tomorrow, so I can savor the story. Right now.. I had too much Leffe Blond with your daughter, hee hee hee!

Porcupine Tree, well I can't tell you what kind of music they play since no album sounds like the other!
But you should check out their website: there are some lyrics on it. (Http://
I think you'll like it :)


8:17 pm

Blogger VallyP said...

I just re-read your post Renate..I'm so sorry you got stuck with car like that! I should've mentioned it before..that must have been a bit of an anti-climax after the high of the concert!

I'll certainly take a look at Porcupine Tree. Am just listening to a live webcast of the Who at Leeds tonight. They are kicking off their world tour with a re-visit to the Leeds University where they did the great Live at Leeds concert. Sounds excellent so far!
Jodiesmumval xx

9:41 pm

Anonymous Barry said...

Very cool post!

Must have been an amazing day!

10:25 pm

Blogger Koos F said...

Hoi Renate,
Jij en ik zijn naar hetzelfde concert geweest!
Ik broed al tijden op een artikeltje daarover en uiteindelijk heb ik dat ook geschreven. Alleen... geen foto's.
Nu heb jij ook een (goed!) artikel geschreven, wel geïllustreerd, dus daarnaar verwijs ik in mijn artikel. Allicht dat je dat een paar nieuwe bezoekers oplevert.

11:52 pm

Blogger gypsy noir said...

came through koos's blog..fantastic pictures...

1:37 am

Blogger Renate said...

Hi Val,

It´s ok, je kunt niet overal op letten toch? ;)

Hey Koos,

Ja ik hoorde het al! Was te gek, he?! Ik vind eigenlijk dat mijn verslag eigenlijk nogal afgezaagd is voor zo'n goed concert, maar goed, misschien dat ik het later nog eens aan pas.

Ik ga zo jouw verhaal ook even lezen!!

Hello Gypsy, nice to see you around! The pictures are great, I agree! That wasn't a disposable camera he was using I guess ;)


12:42 pm

Blogger gypsy noir said...

no they look very professional to the one of the wall motif with the hammers...

10:19 pm

Blogger Renate said...

Apologies to everyone for the lay-out.. For some unexplainable reason the font-size is set to tiny whilst I selected small. Can't seem to change this... :(

Makes reading rather unpleasant!


9:14 am

Blogger VallyP said...

hey Renate, I thought the pics looked great! Having them really big like that was quite impressive! I think you can increase the size of your font if you want, but it depends on which browser you use...maybe Firefox?

12:03 am

Blogger Renate said...

I'm just using Internet Explorer..

I thought having the pictures in my report was great too, but the lay-out was screwed up big time.

I'll try again some time when I'm having a day off!

(for some strange reason just uploading the picture from my computer doesn't work!!!! very annoying!)

12:05 pm

Blogger Metalchick said...

Hi Renate,
Sounds like you had a great time!
I'll be sure to check out Porcupine Tree.

11:02 am

Blogger Mo and Cas said...

Hi Renate. Jodie's Sister here, I just want to say howdoyoudo! I guess we'll kind of be related soon so putting my feelers out for all those future occasions when i'll be standing out like the long lost sister from africa with no clue who any of this newly acquired family is. Whew say that in one breath. I too offer my condolences to the people who had the accidents. stuff like that gets to me and i don't blame you for having bad nights.
anyway, cheers for now

6:09 pm

Blogger VallyP said...

Hi Kiddo
Just back from the deep south. No new blog??? What's up??? Looking forward to hearing your latest news.

By the way, you can download Firefox free and it's a really great browser for Blogger.
Till soon

8:50 pm

Blogger Renate said...

Metalchick: I'd like to hear from you what you think of them.. I think they rock!

Hi Mo! Well, heard a lot already from Jo, so I'm starting to create an image of you already ;) She says we have a few things in common, so that's good.. (especially when she starts talking about sex, you put your fingers in your ears and start "lalala"-ing to drone out the unwanted story, hee hee)
Are you going to visit the Netherlands beforehand or at the wedding? Looking forward to meeting you ;)

Hi Val: I know I know, it's a shame! But I guess I haven't undertaken any interesting action yet.. But we did go to Antwerp yesterday, so I could type a short story about that..

Your new chapter in African Ways is fantastic - as always-


12:24 pm


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